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My health insurance will not pay for drug and alcohol treatment – what should I do?
All group health plans in Pennsylvania, including insurance and health maintenance organizations are required by law (Act 106 of 1989) to provide coverage for the treatment of alcohol and drug addictions.

You can file a letter of appeal. In your letter, describe the problem you have encountered and provide your name/address/phone number, and the names/addresses/phone numbers of the insurer/managed care firm or health plan. Send your letter of appeal to your insurer or health plan and to the following organizations:

Health Care Unit
Office of Attorney General
Strawberry Square, 14th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Fax (717)787-1190

Deb Beck
Consumer Advocacy Project of PA
2033 Linglestown Road, Box 230
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Fax (717) 657-7784

The treatment agency may also be able to assist you in the appeal process. You may be eligible for county support if you insurance does not pay, or only pays a portion of the cost. Please discuss your situation with the admissions staff at the treatment facility and/or with one of the administrative case management staff.

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