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Established in 1994, The Centre County Emergency Communications Center has been serving residents and businesses from our renovated facility in the Willowbank Office Building. Centre County 9·1·1 is constantly striving to meet the needs of the public using the latest, state-of-the-art radio, telephone, map and  (computer aided dispatch) systems.

Our department employs 32 skilled and educated professionals. The office houses the Director, Assistant Director, Department Secretary, Addressing Specialist, Addressing/ALI Database Manager, Addressing Field Technician, Supervisor of Technical Services, Quality Assurance Supervisor and 25 telecommunicators. In addition to being full time employees at 911, many of us are or have been part-time first responders (firemen, EMTs and police officers). 

Centre County 911 also assigns and coordinates addressing for our customers -- the 35 municipalities in our county!  Every residence or business in Centre County has a municipal style address so emergency responders can locate them quickly.  

Centre County, PA

We utilize a team approach to provide and maintain efficient emergency operations 24/7/365.  Our goal is to provide immediate and professional quality service for all that we serve.  Through our actions, we help those in their time of need.

Centre County
911 (also referred to as PSAP -Public Service Answering Point) provides emergency & non-emergency services to our residents and businesses, and travelers passing through the county. We are the primary contact point for persons needing police, ambulance or fire assistance, and we also provide a channel of communication between responders and other public safety personnel. 

We dispatch for 5 police departments, 20 fire departments and 10 EMS agencies. In 2014, Centre County added six new additional tower sites throughout the county as part of our radio system upgrade for better responder communication bringing our tower sites to a total of 19. Can you hear me now? 

Centre County 9·1·1 is Enhanced 9·1·1(E911) equipped for our residents and businesses who have wireline or landline phone services in their homes or office such as Verizon, Windstream, or CenturyLink for example.

What does this mean?  If you dial 9·1·1 from your home or office phone, the Dispatcher answering your call is able to automatically view your address and telephone number on the computer screen the minute your call is received!

How does this happen?  Your telephone number is linked to your address (see the section on Verifying Your Service Address). It’s important you have a telephone number! Our CAD system takes all of this information from E911 and merges it together to display your phone and your location on a computerized map. An arrangement like this reduces dispatching time from minutes to seconds, for a faster, more efficient response. When you call 9·1·1for an emergency, you expect help quickly. 

Dale I. Neff

Willowbank County Office Building
420 Holmes St.
Bellefonte, PA 16823-1488

Administration Office:
Ph: (814) 355-6800

Addressing Personnel:
Ph: (814) 355-6800

Dispatch Operations:
Nation wide
Toll free: (800) 479-0050

Emergency: 9-1-1

Administration Staff Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Departmental Budget