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Risk Management
Risk Management Department
The Risk Management Department protects the assets of Centre County by minimizing the county's exposure to personal, property, and financial loss. We identify risks that affect our employees, our visitors, our property, and our financial assets. We also work with each county office to guarantee proper insurance coverage.

We save the county money by developing loss prevention programs and lowering insurance costs. We also reduce the county's risk by ensuring that we have proper insurance coverage and that our contracts are properly worded.

Health & Wellness
To improve employee health and wellness, we develop programs to assist and educate employees in living healthy lifestyles. This increases employee productivity and well being, while reducing insurance costs and cutting the number of insurance claims.

Brown Bag Lunches, Health and Wellness Fairs, weight reduction programs, and activity-based programs are available at no cost for employees. These programs are all aimed at preventing illness and injury.

Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation is another responsibility of Risk Management. In the past two years, through proper management of workers compensation claims, the County has experienced a 34.8% reduction in the overall workers compensation costs.

Loss Prevention
Loss prevention training is also provided by this office. The training programs are designed to teach employees how to work safely to prevent injuries and accidents. Risk Management works closely with our insurance carriers to develop loss prevention training programs based on the current claims trends.

Proper body mechanics through safe lifting practice has been one of the major focuses of the loss prevention training. Other areas of training are tied into wellness by teaching employees how to properly stretch and loosen their muscles prior to work.
Krista Davis
Risk Management Coordinator

Willowbank County Office Building
420 Holmes St.
Bellefonte, PA 16823

Ph: (814) 548-1055
Fx: (814) 548-1157

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm