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Data & Map Prices
Maps & Data Sales
The GIS Department currently sells and maintains a wide-ranging assortment of data which includes but is not limited to:
  • Buildings
  • Streets
  • Municipal Boundaries
  • Parcels (with and without CAMA information)
  • Land Use
  • Streams and Hydrology
  • Driveways & Utility Roads

All GIS layers can be purchased by municipality or county-wide.

The GIS Department also prints small and large format maps as well as county atlas books in 8.5" by 11" or 11" by 17".

How to Purchase Data
Please contact the GIS Department with the data request via the contact information below. We do not accept personal checks. Walk-ins may pay with cash, money order, or company / corporate checks. People calling or emailing must send a money order or company / corporate check prior to data delivery. We will send you an invoice. Once you receive your invoice return a copy with your payment to the address at right. All check or money orders must be made payable to Centre County Treasurer. When payment is received someone will contact you with instructions on how to get your requested data.

Price List
Large Format Plots
$1 per square foot
$2 per square foot with areal photos or specialty map

Small Format Prints
(8.5" x 11")
(11" x 17")
$1 per page standard map
$2 per page standard map
$3 per page with aerial photos or customized work
$5 per page with areal photos or customized work

Other Products
Atlas Books
$30 ($15 governments)
8.5" x 11"
$40 ($20 governments)
11" x 17"
$15 (includes CD) - Atlas PDFs on CD
8.5" x 11" or 11" x 17"

Data Sales
Ortho Photography
$350 - 2010
$250 - 2010
$75 - 2005 (MrSid) growth area
$150 - 1995, 2001, 2006
$5 per tile, any year

$250 - contours DVD
$5 per contour tile
$350 - DEM mosaics
$7 per DEM tile
$50 - break line data
$3 per break line tile
Data Sales
$250 - data CD; includes Centre (Municipal Lines), bpars (Building Permits), Ipars (Inactive Parcels), Parcels CAMA (Parcels with Ownership Info), Land use, geology, lakes, streams, ponds, airports, driveways, major roads, railways, streets, athletic fields, buildings, cemeteries, golf courses, parks, mines, villages, and DFIRM layers
$40 - Per Layer - key layers: Parcels, AID (Buildings), SCL (Street Center Lines), BldgPts, Bpars (Building Permits), Centre (Municipal Lines)
$20 per layer - municipality
$80 - parcels with CAMA (owner info) *prior approval required
$35 per municipality
*Subscription option: $1,000 first year and $250 every year after
$20 - miscellaneous layers
$10 per municipality
A $60 per hour research fee may be applied to special requests
CDs are $1
DVDs are $3

Nicholas J. Barger

Willowbank County Office Building
420 Holmes St.
Bellefonte, PA 16823-1488

Ph: (814) 355-8733

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Departmental Budget