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Centre County, through the Department of 911 Emergency Communications, subscribes to the Emergency Communications Network's CodeRED (ECNCR) mass notification system. It is a public alerting system that is address based.  This system allows large numbers of residents to quickly receive emergency notifications by phone, text, or email.  Residents can enroll with CodeRED using the link below.

has been used in the past for missing persons and escaped inmates, however it is not limited to those particular types of events.  It can be issued for evacuations, water boil advisory, active shooter, and local or state wide declarations of emergency. 

How does this work?  It is address/area based.  The Officer in Command requests the 911 dispatch supervisor to launch a CodeRED alert.  911 Supevisor will select a specific area/perimeter on the ECN map. The residents who live within that selected radius will receive an emergency alert either by phone, text or email (you can receive the alert by all methods).  The notification will provide a call back number for individuals to respond to.
When the emergency event is complete or cancelled, a second statement is issued notifying residents the crisis is now over and the activation is cancelled.

Remember – it is only for your area relating to your address.  You will not receive an alert for other municipalities.

Do I need to register?  Yes! Residents should enroll with CodeRED. You can do this online at the sign-up page.  Enroll as many members and cell phones as needed.  Keep in mind, it is your sole responsibility to keep your information current. If you move or change your phone number or email address, you must update these changes with ECN.  If you do not revise your information, you may not receive an alert for your new location, and vice versa, you may receive an alert for your old address.   

also has an app for Android Phones and iPhones.

If you do not have access to the Internet and you want to enroll for CodeRED, call us at (814)355-6800. We’d be happy to help you!