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Mental Health
Mental Health Services Booklet

Mental Health Services in Centre County
A Guide to mental health services for individuals with mental illness' families and friends

Employment Resource Guide

A Centre County Employment Resource Guide for Individuals with Intellectual, Mental Health and/or Physical Disabilities
Are YOU looking for a JOB in Centre County and have a disability? Don’t let that stop YOU. This Guide Can Help!

Below are the services provided by the office of Mental Health:

Child/Adolescent Services (CASSP)
A Multi-Agency service system that provides services to children/adolescents based on the CASSP Principles.
Intake/Case Management
To access the problem and monitor treatment.

Outpatient Services
Individual, group therapy, and medications.

Partial Hospitalization
Day treatment alternatives to hospitalization.

Inpatient Services

Emergency Services
24 hour crisis intervention.

Vocational services, supported and sheltered employment.

Residential Services
Residential treatment for persons needing ongoing staff assistance.

Intensive Case Management
Intense casework to help people remain in the community.

Resource Coordination
Moderately intense casework to help people through the maze of services.

Family Based Services
Intense in home family intervention and treatment for children.

Family Support Services
Assistance to the family to maintain the mentally ill person in the home.

Student Assistance Program
Assistance in the school to provide early identification and treatment.

Child/Adolescent Services
A system to provide multi-agency help to seriously disturbed children.

Consumer Drop-In
Centers where consumers help other consumers.

Housing Supports
Rental and housing assistance.