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Inheritance TA Return formatting Limitations to 8 1/2" x 11"
Effective April 1, 2011 any REV-1500 resident inheritance tax return submitted to the Inheritance Tax Division in a format size other than 8 1/2" x 11" will be rejected.

In the past, the department manually reduced 8 1/2" x 14" REV-1500 submissions by copying them onto 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

Staff limitations prohibit the department from dedicating resources to this manual effort any further.

The department will return submissions of any other size to the local Register of Wills office and note on their system that submissions were returned for not complying with the standard format.

From April 1, 2011, through June 30, 2011, the department will inform estate representatives when it returns forms to the local Register of Wills office. Estate representatives will be responsible for delivering to the local Register of Wills office properly formatted REV-1500 forms. After June 30, 2011, the department will cease notifying estate representatives of their errors.

If you have further questions, please call the office at (814) 355-6724.

Account Advertising Fee Increase
As of January 1, 2018, due to increasing advertising costs, the fee to file first and final accounts will be $140.00 for the first page and $10.00 for each additional page. (Advertising fee included in that cost @ $90.00 per account) Please call the office if you have any questions at (814) 355-6724.

New Automation Fund Fee
Effective January 2, 2018, there will be a Computer Automation Fund fee of $15.00 added to each initial filing of petitions in addition to the JCS/ATJ fee of $40.25 that is already being collected.

New Option Offered By Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Requests for an extension of time to file a Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return may now be made at the following email address. Please contact the department at 717-787-8327 with any questions or concerns.

New Inheritance Tax Form, Rev-1500 Must Be Used Beginning July1, 2010
Starting July 1, 2010, a revised REV-1500 Inheritance Tax Return for a resident decedent must be used to file with the Register of Wills office. The new REV-1500 is to be used for any deceased PA resident's estate, regardless of the decedent's date of death.

The updated form will be available in PDF and fill-in format on the state revenue department's website in early June. It can be distinguished from prior versions of the form by the following changes:
  • The revised form has no "Firm Name" line in the correspondent section on page 1.
  • There is no penalty lines on page 3.
  • The revised form and schedules feature no shaded areas.

Older versions of the return and schedules submitted after July1, 2010, will be rejected by the Register of Wills office and returned to taxpayers.

Tax practitioners are asked to discard prior versions of the form.

Software vendors have been advised of the changes to REV-1500, however practitioners who prepare inheritance tax returns via vendor-produced software are encouraged to contact their software vendors to ensure the form upgrades will be available by July 1, 2010.

The revisions were made to REV-1500 so that returns may be scanned and processed more effectively by the department.

Questions regarding the revised REV-1500 can be directed to the Inheritance Tax Division at 717-787-8327.

Increase in State Fees Effective November 30, 2017
On October 30, 2017, Acts 40 and 44 2017, recently signed by the Governor, makes several changes to the Judicial Computer Project/Access to Justice/Criminal Justice enhancement Account (JCP/ATJ/CJEA) fee.  Effective November 30, 2017, an increase of $4.75 will be added to the required recordings and filings.  Bringing the new fee to $40.25 from $35.50.