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Local Municipality Responsibilities
Local Act 13 Municipal Responsibilities
On May 10, 2012, the PA Pubic Utility Commission finalized provisions to implement, collect and distribute the impact fee as directed by Chapter 23 of Act 13 - the Oil and Gas Act of 2012. Due to uncertainty surrounding pending litigation, the Commission did not address the provisions of Chapter 33, which governs local ordinances that impose conditions, requirements or limitations on oil or gas operations.

We advise that all local municipalities submit their 2010 Budget Report Form as soon as possible and in advance of the July 6 deadline. The budget should include all planned expenditures for the 2010 calendar year, funded by whatever sources of revenues the local government had anticipated for that calendar year. Essentially, this has been defined as "the final approved 2010 budget by the governing body." We recognize that due to unanticipated events or circumstances, the actual expenditure may be greater than or less than the originally budgeted amount; nevertheless, the originally approved total budget for the 2010 fiscal year is the amount to be reported.

Municipal Reporting Forms