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Case Management Services
Administrative Case Management provides screening and assessment services in-house to those drug and alcohol clients who are requesting inpatient treatment and those who are uncertain as to the level of care they want/need. Individuals who specifically request outpatient drug and alcohol treatment are referred to the outpatient providers who complete their own screening and assessment processes.

Intensive Case Management services are also provided by SCA staff. Clients may be referred to Intensive Case Management (ICM) through any of the following channels:
  • Self-referral
  • As a result of assessment and/or admission by an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment provider
  • Following an admission to a residential treatment program
  • Following assessment by an Administrative Case Manager
  • By referral from juvenile probation, adult probation, MH/ID, CYS, hospitals, attorneys, judges, OVR, DPW, employers, and other human services providers.

Again, all services are voluntary.