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Natural Gas Task Force


Staff Contact

Susan B. Hannegan
Assistant Director, Planning & Community Development Office
(814) 355-6791

The Centre County Natural Gas Task Force serves as an ad hoc committee formed in 2010 by the Centre County Board of Commissioners to “address public and private sector impacts and opportunities for drilling in Centre County”. It is comprised of four sub-committees: Economic Development, Education, Environment / Infrastructure of Pre- and Post-Site Development, and Public Policy, Planning and Legal Issues.  Although the task force was formed as a result of increased drilling activity in the Marcellus Shale formation, the county addresses impacts and opportunities associated with all natural gas drilling activity. Centre County is “home” to nearly 1000 natural gas wells of less than 6,000 feet in depth and 64 wells drilled to the Marcellus Shale formation, ranging from 8,000 – 10,000 feet below ground.

Meeting Schedule

The Centre County Natural Gas Task Force meets bi-monthly, the second Monday of the month, at 4:00 pm, at the Central PA Institute of Science and Technology, 540 N. Harrison Road, Pleasant Gap, PA 16823. Below are 2014 meeting dates:
  • January 13
  • March 10
  • May 12
  • July 14
  • September 8
  • November 10

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Thirteen members appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Term Length
3 Years
Current Members

Term Expires
Susan Benedict   February 28, 2017
Dan Fisher   February 28, 2017
Bob McDaniel   February 28, 2017
Jeffrey Kern   February 28, 2015
Stanley LaFuria   February 28, 2015
Greg Myers   February 28, 2015
Tim Zeigler   February 28, 2015
Steven Greer   February 28, 2016
Kenneth Hall   February 28, 2016
Mike Savage   February 28, 2017
John Ferguson   February 28, 2015


Sub-Committee Members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners. Sub-committees have no term limit.
Economic Development
  • Mike Schaul
  • Steve Lyncha
  • John Spychalski
  • John Rodgers
  • Jack Mulfinger
  • Joe Urbanick
  • Matt Blymire
  • Art Dangel
  • Dean Lawrence

  • Todd Taylor

  • Mary Carol Frier
  • Joe Hart
  • Dick Mulfinger
  • Bruce Snyder
  • Andrew Sicree
  • Jamie Walker
  • Colleen Williams
  • Alison Amaismeirer
  • Mike Welch
  • Emily Gette-Doyle

Public Policy, Planning, and Legal Issues
  • Louis Glantz
  • Lynn Herman
  • Rob Balsamo

Ex Officio Members

  • Matt Wise for Senator Corman
  • Mitzi Gallagher for Rep. Mike Hanna
  • Sue Mascolo for Rep. Scott Conklin

Liaison Members
  • Douglas D'Amore - DCNR Bureau of Forestry
  • Dan Vilello - DEP North Central Office
  • Paula Ballaron - SRBC Regulatory Program Director
  • Rick Lamkie - DEP Bureau of Mining and Reclamation