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1. Name:
The name of this board shall be the Centre County Criminal Justice Advisory Board, or Centre County CJAB.

2. Authority:

The Centre County Criminal Justice Advisory Board was established on June 8, 1999, through a Joint Resolution of the Centre County Board of Commissioners and the Centre County Board of Judges.

3. Mission Statement:
The mission of the Criminal Justice Advisory Board is to provide an ongoing forum for communication and collaboration among key decision makers for the purposes of evaluating, analyzing, planning, and recommending action to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Criminal Justice System of Centre County.

4. Role:
The role of the CJAB is to make recommendations to appropriate boards, agencies, and/or public officials with regard to the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

5. Membership:
CJAB Membership is reserved for individuals with the authority and expertise to affect the delivery of juvenile and criminal justice programs in Centre County, and shall be a diverse and broad-based representation of the community. The membership of the Centre County CJAB consists of the following representatives or their designees:
  • Administrator, Central Counties Youth Center
  • Administrator, MH/ID / Drug and Alcohol
  • Assistant Administrator for Drug and Alcohol
  • Bail Agency / CACJ Representative
  • Board of Commissioners (3)
  • CentrePeace Representative
  • Chief Probation Officer
  • Chief Public Defender
  • Controller
  • County Administrator
  • Court Administrator
  • Director of 911 / Emergency Communications
  • Director of Children and Youth Services
  • Director of Criminal Justice Planning
  • District Attorney
  • Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
  • Magisterial District Judge Representative
  • Police Chief Representative
  • Prothonotary
  • Sheriff
  • Warden
  • Women's Resource Center Representative
Additional positions may be created and/or eliminated by the Board as deemed appropriate; and shall be created and/or eliminated by a majority vote of Board members present.

6. Quorum:
A quorum for the purpose of conducting general business, or calling for a vote, shall be one half of the membership, plus one, of the Board. For this purpose, membership shall exclude those membership slots that are vacant.

7. Meetings:
Meetings will be held monthly, or as may be designated by the Chair of the Board, and will be open to the public. Special meetings of the Board will be scheduled as necessary; and a special meeting of the Board may substitute for a regular meeting of the Board in any given month. Members shall be given reasonable notice of both regular and special meetings by first-class or intra-county mail, by telephone, by telefax, or by electronic mail. Membership on the Board will require a bona fide effort by members to attend as many meetings as possible. If a Board Member is unable to attend a meeting, he/she may designate a substitute to attend in their stead. A staff member will be assigned responsibility for recording and disseminating the minutes of all Board meetings.

8. Rules of Order:
The Board adopts The Modern Rules of Order for conducting its meetings.

9. Agendas:
Meeting agendas shall generally include the following items, and such other items from time-to-time as are necessary: criminal justice updates, approval of minutes, committee reports, items for Board action. Reviews of the CJAB's strategic planning initiative(s) shall be included on the agenda from time to time.

10. Voting:
All Board Members, or their designee, shall be entitled to vote. Approval shall require a majority vote of those members in attendance.

Under special circumstances, the Chair may authorize a vote by email. This will most often involve matters such as a concept paper or grant approval. The item being considered shall be emailed to all members of the CJAB by the Criminal Justice Planning Department, and shall include a deadline for the submission of the email vote. Approval shall require a majority vote of the entire CJAB. The Criminal Justice Planning Department shall maintain a record of all email votes.

11. Committees:
Committees of the Board shall consist of at least one Board Member and such other persons as may be necessary to properly conduct the work of the Committees. Volunteers shall be sought to chair committees. Committees are encouraged to record the minutes of their meetings and to submit minutes at least three days in advance of scheduled meetings of the Board. The Chair may appoint Ad Hoc Committees as necessary, whereas Standing Committees will be created by the Board.

12. Leadership:
The Board shall be chaired by the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, or a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas designated by the President Judge. The Vice-Chair of the Board shall be designated by the Board of Commissioners. The Vice-Chair of the Board shall carry out the duties of the Chair as the need arises.

13. Grants:
Juvenile and criminal justice related concept papers and application proposals will be presented to the CJAB.

14. Staff Support:
The Centre County Criminal Justice Planning Department will provide staff services necessary to conduct the business of the CJAB. The CJAB, as needed, may designate additional individuals to provide staff support.

15. Amendments:
These Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the members of the Board attending any meeting for which there has been at least two weeks advance written notice of the intention to pass upon an amendment to these Bylaws. Amendments will be made available at the time of the advance written notice.

16. Communication:
The CJAB shall broadly communicate its goals and work to county and municipal officials who are outside the criminal justice system, non-profit stakeholders, and the community at large as well as practitioners within the criminal justice system.

Revised 05/27/11