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Therapeutic Recreation
WHAT is our Therapeutic Recreation Program?
Therapeutic Recreation is an ongoing schedule of programs designed to meet the needs of each resident. Programs are designed to maintain or improve the physical, cognitive and social functioning of each resident. By doing things that have personal meaning or are of interest to them, they can have fun at the same time they work on their individual treatment goals.
The Therapeutic Recreation Department provides individual and group activities that reflect the schedules and choices of the residents including evenings and weekends. Programs respect cultural and religious interests and appeal to both men and women of all ages.

WHY is it important?
  • It helps to maintain or increase a person’s quality of life by:
  • Improving physical health, fitness levels and fine motor skills
  • Providing cognitive stimulation and memory recall
  • Elevating emotional well-being and decreasing stress and anxiety
  • Enhancing social connections and coping skills
  • Encouraging independent living skills

WHO designs and facilitates the programs?
The staff are professionally trained in the field. They are educated to design and implement programs that are both appropriate and enjoyable for the residents. Therapists strive to help individuals reach their goals while having fun. The programs are tailored so that they have personal meaning and are based on the interests of our residents.

HOW we make our home like your own.
Centre Crest is pleased to offer three beautiful garden areas for our residents, their families and guests to enjoy. Residents of all levels of functioning enjoy and benefit from spending time in these beautiful and serene areas.
The Kline Way garden features a natural habitat and includes furniture, birdbaths, a fountain and raised beds for vegetable plants, perennials and areas for the residents to plant annuals and bulbs. Butterfly releases, tagging monarch butterflies and various other social and recreational programming is held in the garden on a regular basis.
The Stanton Court garden is an attractive environment that stimulates the many senses of the dementia residents and makes the area a much visited one. Various recreational activities and family functions are held in the garden. The area has picnic tables with umbrellas, swings and a water feature.

Pet therapy allows the residents to enjoy a positive impact on their quality of life. The opportunity to receive the love and acceptance of the animals provides medical and emotional benefits as well. Our program includes pet visits from our staff, families and community, as well as maintaining pets in our facility.

Programs and Activities 

Social Activities 
Live entertainments, holiday parties, ice cream socials, butterfly releases, intergenerational activities and more

We have a sewing club, men’s club, book club, garden club and resident council 

Cognitive/Educational Groups
Current events, trivia, crosswords, Nintendo Wii, garden club, games

Small and Large Group Activities 
Ceramics, religious services, music, bingo, creative writing, exercise and crafts

Leisure Outings 
We have regularly scheduled outings to community events and local favorites.
This may include a Spike’s game, the Grange Fair, a country drive to see fall foliage or a shopping trip.

Individual Activities
We also offer individual therapy for our residents that are unable to attend group programs. Our therapists provide one-to-one interventions which are interesting and involve the resident, allow for passive participation and provide added stimulation and which can be done at bedside. Residents that choose not to attend programs are provided with activities that enhance quality of life through positive use of leisure.