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GPS Devices, Online Mapping Errors

Do GPS devices and computer mapping programs show your home or business in the wrong place?  Do they provide a wrong address?  Is your address missing completely from their database? 

Please don’t blame Centre County 911 or Centre County GIS for these errors. The problem is with the map makers who create & distribute information. Unfortunately, Centre County 911 does not have any idea where these companies purchase their data from or who they verify their data with. Centre County 911 cannot correct these map/route errors on consumer devices.

We want you to know and understand, Centre County 911 by law, is not permitted to sell or share our information. Our 911 data is used inter-department and with law enforcement agencies only. If the utility company, GPS provider or any other business -- tells you that your address is not 911 valid or verified --- they are misreporting!   For peace of mind – whether or not your address/home is on the Centre County 911 map, call us at 814-355-6800 for an address verification.


                                                       What Can I Do To Fix Map/Route Errors?

First, make sure the maps on your device are current or up to date. We are not definite how often these companies perform updates, but it is a good idea to update your unit on a monthly basis. Some GPS service providers offer free access to user-submitted map fixes. Depending on your GPS service provider, there may be fee’s involved for updates.

If your device is up to date, or if you are concerned about errors on other GPS devices, you can report the problem directly to the map makers. Some GPS service providers offer free access to user-submitted map fixes.

Check your user manual or contact your device manufacturer to learn the best way to update the maps. The list of independent companies making Apps, maps or devices is pretty extensive. Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, Rand McNally IntelliRoute, Bushnell, Raymarine, DeLorme, Apple, Android, Bing, Nokia, Yahoo, MapQuest, Google just to name a few.   

Below are a few links to help you report map “fixes”: 

Please note:
  • The above list is for information only!
  • These websites are not operated by Centre County Government and we do not endorse any non-governmental products, services, or views.
  • They may require registration.
  • Some devices, such as those from Apple, allow you to enter map fixes directly on screen.
  • You can also use your PC's Internet connection to submit corrections.
  • After you submit a correction, it can take several weeks or months until the map makers verify your “change request/correction” and issue a map update.
  • Unless your device uses an online map, you must manually download the update in order to see the change. Likewise, other companies (people) won't see the correction on their device until they perform an update to their GPS as well.