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Centre County Adult Drug Court Program
Centre County Adult Drug Court Program

The Centre County Adult Drug Court is a specialty treatment court targeting nonviolent individuals having criminal offenses that are drug related and/or driven by substance use disorders. The Adult Drug Court is a non-adversarial court addressing the specific treatment and ancillary needs of individuals placed in the program while at the same time holding participants accountable for their actions. It is a post-plea, post adjudication program targeting offenders facing revocation of their Probation, Intermediate Punishment, or Parole sentence.

The Centre County Drug Court Program has two tracks. The first is an Intermediate Punishment Track for individuals who may be incarcerated and facing revocation of their Probation or a previous sentence of Intermediate Punishment and who are IP eligible. The second is a Reentry Track for individuals who are currently incarcerated and are facing revocation of their parole, and who have a minimum of 18 months remaining on their original sentence.

The Drug Court Program consists of five phases that participants must progress through, with the last phase being a Graduate Phase/Aftercare. Each of the first four phases is a minimum of three months in length, though the length of time in each phase could be longer depending on the participant’s ability to successfully achieve program goals and remain drug free. Following successful completion of Phase 4 participants will graduate from the Drug Court Program and move into the Graduate Phase/Aftercare. The Graduate Phase/Aftercare will last until the end date of the participant’s sentence or up to a maximum of 6 months, whichever comes first. The overall length of the program will range from 18-21 months for most participants.

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