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Aging Advisory Council
The requirement for an Advisory Council is in both the Federal Older Americans Act of 1965 as amended, and in the Pennsylvania Code which created the Department of Aging in 1978.  The Advisory Council is responsible for reviewing documents pertaining to the substance and scope of the area plan and area plan contract and to review summaries detailing progress achieved by the agency. The Advisory Council is responsible to act as an advocate for older people by ensuring that the public is informed of needs of the County's elderly population. The council assists in advocating on various legislative initiatives. The council also assists in monitoring of senior center and transportation programs.

Meeting Schedule:
First Wednesday of every month at 9:30 am at the Willowbank Office Building in Room 146.  Meetings are not held in January or July.  Visit the County's Calendar for more events.

The Advisory Council shall consist of a minimum of 15 voting members.  The members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  At least 50% of members must be senior citizens, one should represent older persons, one or more must be an elected official and the rest are made up of the general public. 

Term Length:
2 Years

Current Members:
Member Name  Term Expires
Joe Davidson December 31, 2018
Amy Lorek December 31, 2018
Mary DuPuis December 31, 2018
Judy Geshwinder December 31, 2018
Carol Little December 31, 2018
Ralph Locklin December 31, 2018
Shirley Wells December 31, 2018
Joyce White September 30, 2019
Bonnie Wood September 30, 2019
Carol Hine September 30, 2019
Christine King December 31, 2019
Mary Ellen Hill April 1, 2019
Irene Jones December 31, 2019
Marie Crater December 31, 2019
Molly Schwartz December 31, 2019
Susan DelPonte December 31, 2019