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Mental Health & Intellectual Disabilities Advisory Board
The Centre County Mental Health/Intellectual Disability/Early Intervention (MH/ID/EI) Advisory Board was instituted by the MH and MR Act of 1966 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The purpose of the MH/ID/EI Advisory Board is to review and evaluate MH/ID/EI needs, services, facilities, and special problems in relation to the local health and welfare needs, services and program; to make recommendations to the MH/ID/EI Administrator and to the County Commissioners regarding the program and any other matters relating to MH/ID/EI services in the county, including purchases of service contracts and the extent of funds required to implement the program; to develop, together with the MH/ID/EI Administrator, continuing plans for the program; and, to review performance under the mental health and intellectual disability program and to participate in evaluations of the service delivery system.

Meeting Schedule
Board meetings are held the third Monday of every quarter beginning in January (January, April, July, October) at noon at Centre County MH/ID/EI-D&A, 3500 East College Avenue, Suite 1200, State College, PA.  

The thirteen members of the MH/ID/EI Advisory Board are appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  According to 55 Pa. Code § 4200.11, the members of the advisory board shall consist of:
  • one representative of the Board of Commissioners
  • at least two physicians (where possible, one shall be a psychiatrist and the other a pediatrician)
  • at least two professionals from the fields of psychology, social work, nursing, education or religion
  • at least one member of a citizens’ organizations active in the field of mental health
  • at least one member of a citizens’ organizations active in the field of intellectual disabilities
  • at least one member from either a health and welfare planning organization or a hospital
  • at least one member from a community group whose membership represents the economically, socially, and culturally disadvantaged

Term Length
3 Years

Current Members
Board Members   Term Expires
Jeanie Burns February 2020
April Detar July 2021
Greg Gaertner July 2021
Laura Gardner April 2022
Shawn Henfling
April 2020
Levent Kaya July 2019
Greg Koehle
July 2020
Kristi Mattzela
October 2019
Calvin Miller July 2019
Michael Pipe, Commissioner January 2020