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Recorder of Deeds
Common Level Ratio
Current Centre County PA Department of Revenue Common Level Ratio = 3.92

The Top Ten Instructions for Recording Documents in Centre County

  1. Document date and acknowledgement date: The acknowledgement date should not predate the document date.
  2. Acknowledgement (notary) must include the following: county, state, date, persons/corporate officers (names and titles) appearing and the notary's signature, seal and expiration date. If any of the above is missing, the acknowledgement may be considered defective and document not recordable.
  3. Names in Caption, Names in Signature and Names in Acknowledgement must all match: John J. Doe vs. JJ Doe, or J Joseph Doe cause rejections and delays.
  4. The written or printed amount must match the numerical amount on all deeds and mortgages.
  5. All deeds must have a pre-authorized Uniform Parcel Number (UPI) assigned to them from the Centre County Assessment office prior to recording.
  6. All documents should indicate the property's municipality, if multiple please list all.
  7. Multiple papers affecting one transaction must be clearly numbered to indicate the order in which they are to be placed on record.
  8. Documents presented for recording, with transfer tax due claiming a tax exemption not by family relationship or with property in more than one municipality, must be accompanied by a PA Dept. of Revenue Statement Value and clearly state the reason for an exemption or the division of the local Transfer Tax in dollar amounts.
  9. All deeds, mortgages, and assignments of mortgage should have a grantee, mortgagee, or assignee address, and should be signed by a responsible party.
  10. All documents presented for recording must have a suitably sized Self Addressed Postage Paid Envelope for document return after processing.

Centre County Recorder of Deeds
The Centre County Recorder of Deeds Office's primary mission is to record, protect, preserve, and reproduce legal documents that relate to real estate in Centre County and act as an agent for Real Estate Transfer Tax. The office receives and disburses Real Estate Transfer Taxes as prescribed by state statute and County Code. The office distributes realty transfer checks that average an annual total of more than $5.6 million to 37 political subdivisions and six school districts that serve Centre County. In addition, the office acts as an agent of the State Department of Revenue in the collection of Writ taxes.

The office also collects and distributes a fee provided by State Statute for the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts. Along with the Realty Transfer and Writ taxes the Recorder of Deeds office collects fees from documents recorded for the Affordable Housing Fund, County Records Improvement funds, and Pennsylvania Department of State Notary Public Commission fees. The Recorder's Office assists the State in generating over $5,000,000 annually in revenue for Pennsylvania and approximately $850,000 in commissions and fees for Centre County annually. The Recorder's Office also records Veterans Military Discharge documents.

Document Records
All document records since the year 1800 except for military discharges, in the Recorder of Deeds office are available for public inspection during regular office hours. Annually over 10,000 people visit the Centre County Recorder of Deeds office to view public information and use the other recording services. There is an online subscription service available for those interested to access over the Internet one of Pennsylvania's most complete and advanced computer indexed imaging systems (see above CCG WEB IA).

Tax and Assessment offices in Centre County use the records created by the recorder's office to accurately assess and update tax information. In 2003 the Recorder of Deeds office processed 36,522 documents for an all time record high.
Joseph Davidson
Joseph L. Davidson
Recorder of Deeds

414 Holmes St.
Suite 1
Bellefonte, PA 16823-1488

Ph: (814) 355-6801

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm