Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline

Finding fraudFraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline

Centre County Government is committed to maintaining an environment of fairness, ethics, and honesty. The County’s Fraud Prevention Policy (PDF) formalizes the expectations of personal honesty and integrity required of County officials and employees.

A Fraud Hotline, operated by the County Controller’s Office, is available to enhance awareness regarding the prevention and detection of any fraudulent or irregular activity. County employees and anyone doing business with the County can report suspected wrongdoing involving county resources.

For additional information, please see Fraud Hotline Frequently Asked Questions.

Examples of What to Report

  • Theft or misuse of County resources (cash, equipment or supplies)
  • Conflict of interest
  • False reporting of financial information
  • Presenting false claims for payment
  • Payroll and benefit fraud
  • Gross disregard of regulations, policy, and controls
  • Other misconduct


The County will fully investigate any suspected acts of fraud, abuse, or illegal acts. An objective and impartial investigation will be conducted regardless of the position, title, or relationship with the County of any party who might be involved.

The County will maintain the confidentiality of any person who in good faith reports a suspected act of fraud. The person’s identity will not be divulged without permission, unless required by law.

How to Contact the Hotline

There are various ways to express your concerns:

  • Online Complaint Form through the County’s website. Tips reported using this form are confidential and untraceable.
  • Telephone: To leave a confidential message anytime, please dial (814) 548-1143.
    • If you wish to speak with someone, please dial (814) 355-6725 and ask for Controller Jason Moser, or Deputy Controller Terri Fisher.
  • Mail: If you would like to submit a report by mail, please send a letter to: 

Centre County Controller
420 Holmes Street
Room 242
Bellefonte, PA 16823

What to Report

Please provide the following information:

  • Name and title of the person(s) suspected of committing fraud, waste, or abuse
  • Area / Department where suspected fraud is occurring
  • Date(s) and duration of occurrence(s)
  • Detailed description of the fraud and how it was carried out
  • If applicable, approximate dollar amount involved
  • Name(s) of any other witnesses
  • Any related documentation
  • It is not required that you identify yourself. However, without a means to contact you with follow-up questions, the investigation could come to a dead end