Act 38 Nutrient Management

Act 38 Nutrient Management Plans

Pennsylvania law Act 38 requires that “concentrated animal operations” are required to develop and maintain a nutrient management plan. Concentrated animal operations (CAOs) are defined as agricultural operations where the animal density of all livestock on the farm exceeds 2 animal equivalent units (AEUs) per acre on an annualized basis.

Note: An operation with fewer than 8 AEUs is not considered to be a CAO regardless of the animal density. Farms with fewer than 2 AEUs per acre and farms with less than a total of 8 AEUs on the operation are encouraged to voluntarily develop nutrient management plans.

Nutrient management plans, whether required or voluntary, can improve farm profits, help protect the environment, and enhance the image with the general public of agriculture as a good steward of our natural resources. An Act 38 Nutrient Management Plan must be written by a PA Certified Nutrient Management Specialist. A producer that is following an Act 38 Plan that is reviewed and approved the County Conservation District Board has limited liability protection.

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