Correctional Facility

For more information regarding our Pandemic Protocols, please visit our COVID-19 page.  

Due to the ongoing concerns with COVID-19, in an effort to protect the health and well being of all staff and inmates the following changes will be effective immediately. 

  1. Effective Thursday, October 1, 2020, CCCF will reopen visitation with strict guidelines and a modified schedule. Please read the Public Notice for Visitation (PDF) for details.
  2. Attorney visits will be reviewed on a case by case basis, your attorney may contact the Facility Administration if they have any questions.
  3. ALL outside programming is suspended. Internal programs lead by our Counselors will continue as scheduled.

The above will be effective through Monday, November 1, 2020.   At that time the Administration will review the situation and be guided accordingly. 

CCCF Mission

Centre County Correctional Facility

The mission of the Centre County Correctional Facility is to enhance the public safety by providing a safe, secure, and humane Facility through effective programming and education with an emphasis on preparation for successful reentry. We strive for innovative rehabilitation to reduce recidivism.

CCCF Core Values

Correctional personnel need to be problem solvers rather than task oriented, put the concerns of others before their own, prevent inmates from setting the ground rules, recognize their limitations, respect inmates, and take pride in their work and their profession.


Professional correctional leadership is the key to establishing and maintaining humane prisons. It must be emphasized that a single person cannot effectively manage prison, no matter how able and energetic; good administration requires more than just a warden. Leadership may start at the top, but it needs reinforcement and amplification all the way down and across the organization.


Correctional personnel are responsible for the custody, safety, security, and supervision of inmates.


Integrity is one of the characteristics that helps separate the correctional professionals from the offenders. Anytime a professional in the criminal justice system compromises his/her integrity, it deeply troubles all whom take pride in working the field of criminal justice. When this happens, the person who has compromised his/her integrity has let down the entire criminal justice system, all the men, and women who daily place their lives on the line. Anyone in the criminal justice system that compromises their integrity betrays the public’s trust and weakens the entire system.


Dependable staff is mandatory. We have the legal and operational responsibility to be accountable and responsive to the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of our government, to our employees, to the inmates, and most importantly, to the citizens of Centre County.


We are Effective at reducing recidivism with our reentry, drug & alcohol, and education programs. Our programs also make it easier to safely manage the inmate population, improving overall inmate well-being, and improve inmate educational attainment.

CCCF Vision

Value Employees

Implement Best Correctional Practices

Safety & Security for the Public

Integrity & Professionalism

Operate a Safe Facility

New Innovations