MPO 101

Have you ever wanted to know what is an MPO?

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) were created by federal  law in 1962 as part of the Federal Aid Highway Act to have “ cooperative transportation planning in certain urban areas by Federal, State, and      local authorities.” Over the years this initial act has been expanded allowing for addition MPOs to be created including the Centre County MPO which was established in 1982 in the Centre region and then expanded in 2003 effective in 2004 to be responsible for coordinating transportation efforts in all of Centre County, Pennsylvania.

MPOs have the lead responsibility for the development of the area's transportation plans and for coordinating the transportation planning process.  All urban areas over 50,000 in population are required to have an MPO if the agencies spend federal money on transportation improvements.

Primary MPO Functions

1.    Evaluate Transportation Alternatives
2.    Develop a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
3.    Maintain a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)
4.    Develop a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
5.    Involve the Public with the Public Participation Plan (PPP)

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