Drug & Alcohol


Substance use disorders can affect anyone. According to recent statistics, at least one out four Pennsylvania households is impacted by this disease. Our daily news reminds us that we are in the midst of the worst overdose crisis in our history. In 2016, at least 13 Pennsylvanians died every day from drug overdoses. The scope of this tragedy is amplified by the fact that, like asthma and diabetes, addiction is a treatable disease. Now more than ever, our community must remain dedicated to helping people address this disease and to promoting the message that Treatment is effective, and people do recover.

Mission Statement

The Drug and Alcohol Office is a county-administered program of community-based services through a state-wide network of providers. Centre County is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and treating individuals who are in need of drug and alcohol services within our community.

Drug and Alcohol's mission is to develop and implement a service delivery system to meet the needs of affected individuals in their home community. Services are tailored to respect individual need and dignity.

The goal of Drug and Alcohol is the prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

Important Messages

 Drug and Alcohol provides preferential treatment to pregnant women and injecting drug users. Centre County advertises such preferential treatment and urges these clients to seek help as soon as possible.

Accessing Services

 Individuals who have general questions about services are welcome to contact the Drug and Alcohol staff at (814) 355-6744 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, to discuss the various options available.

Individuals who are specifically interested in outpatient treatment may contact any of the following three county contracted providers to request an appointment:

  • Clear Concepts Counseling (Bellefonte) Phone: (814) 355-7629
  • Counseling Alternatives Group (State College) Phone: (814) 231-0940
  • Quest Services (Bellefonte and Philipsburg) Phone: (814) 342-1515 or (814) 357-5953

The outpatient provider you choose will begin the assessment process to better determine your needs and to make a recommendation for services. They will also complete the necessary paperwork to access county funding.

Individuals who are specifically interested in inpatient treatment, or do not know what level of services they would like, can call Drug and Alcohol and request an assessment. Case management staff will begin the assessment process to determine which services best address your needs.

Please Note

  • All services through the Drug and Alcohol Office are voluntary. While you are welcome to call and ask questions on behalf of a family member or friend, the individual who will receive the service must call and ask for the service/assessment.
  • Drug and Alcohol is the payer of last resort. If you have insurance or other third party payment options, you must access services through them first. In addition, the initial assessment will include a determination of liability – which will determine if you must contribute to the cost of your services.
  • County funding for services is based on the availability of dollars. There are occasions where it becomes necessary to limit services or create waiting lists due to lack of funding. This will be explained in more detail at the time of your assessment.