Cell Phones, Computers, Wifi

 Cell Phones, Computers, WiFi (a.k.a. Being Connected to the World)

Cell Phones-

A “pay-as-you-go” cell phone is a good option: you are not locked into a contract and can manage your cell phone expenses. This link collects what features you want in your cell phone service and points to good plans from vendors like Tello, AT&T PREPAID, TracPhone and T-Mobile:


Cricket has a free phone/free service plan for qualifying people. Visit or call the local Cricket Store at 1619 North Atherton St.(in Wal-Mart Plaza) to check out current offerings:

Cheap Cellphones




Free access to computers

Centre County Federation of Public Libraries – http://test.ccfpl.org/ There are 6 libraries in the CCFPL located in the following locations. One free library card works in all sites: Aaronsburg, Bellefonte, Centre Hall, Millheim, Philipsburg, State College, The Bookmobile.


Having your own computer (laptop or desktop) enables fast access to employer information and job applications, creating e-mail and LinkedIn accounts, etc. New laptop computers at <$100:


 CentrePeace can provide refurbished laptops for free or minimal cost for returning citizens. To get information on availability, call Centre Peace (814-353-9081). Other refurbished Laptops:



If you need an email address, but not interested in Gmail, this site reviews ten free e-mail options: https://www.lifewire.com/best-free-email-accounts-1356641


Free WiFi access

In State College, there are many free WiFi hotspots: http://openwifispots.com/FinderDirectoryCity.aspx?City=State%20College&State=PA

If you are near or on Penn State/University Park campus, you can access the free Penn State Visitor WiFi: http://attvisitorwireless.psu.edu/

 In Bellefonte: http://www.openwifispots.com/citylist_free_wifi_wireless_hotspot-Bellefonte_PA.aspx (This site also lists free WiFi locations in other Centre County towns.)