Green Light Go - Municipal Signal Partnership

The Green Light-Go: Pennsylvania’s Municipal Signal Partnership Program, also known as the “Green Light–Go Program”, is a competitive state grant program designed to improve the efficiency and operation of existing traffic signals located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Established by Act 89 of 2013 and revised by Act 101 of 2016, the program is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Bureau of Maintenance and Operations. Priority will be given to projects that improve safety, enhance mobility and reduce congestion.

Only existing traffic signal maintenance and operations improvements are eligible for this program. The purpose of the Green Light-Go Program is to upgrade traffic signals. A limited amount of ancillary work (such as ADA curb ramps or roadway improvements) may be included, but the majority of the project cost must be related to the traffic signal upgrade. Eligible projects include replacement of incandescent traffic signal bulbs with LED traffic signal modules and the upgrade from an earlier generation to a newer generation of LED traffic signal modules. Street lighting upgrades are only considered for luminaries on traffic signal structural supports.

The Green Light-Go Program is a reimbursement grant program and applicants are required to provide a minimum 20% match. The match may consist of any combination of federal, state, regional, local and private funds, including PennDOT pre-approved in-kind contributions such as an exchange of services between the Department and municipality. The grant funding is distributed on a reimbursement basis (e.g., disbursement occurs once applicant pays contractor and provides documentation of invoices and payment).