Program 1: Historic Preservation and Flood Mitigation (2017 – present)

Milesburg Historic Inventory-1

The intern is responsible for updating previously collected data for historic properties in a flood-prone community. Relevant information collected will be entered in a template that integrates historic property information, maps, photographs, and an assessment of the flood inundation risk associated. 

The completed inventory sheets will be provided to the community’s governing body and property owners to encourage greater appreciation for historic resources and to gain a better understanding of potential flood impact. 

Recommended flood mitigation techniques to preserve structural integrity and protect property and life also will be included. Learning objectives include gaining proficiency with property deed research, satisfactory understanding of general architectural features/terms, and flood risk assessment evaluations that translate into potential mitigation techniques for homeowners.

Intern Research 

Milesburg Borough by Carver MurphyMilesburg Historic Inventory Detail-2

Boggs Historic Inventory Part 1 6_Architectural DetailBoggs Township Part 1 by Nicholas Labecki

Boggs Historic Inventory Part 2-57Boggs Township Part 2 by James Kalavritinos

Boggs Historic Inventory Part 3 59Boggs Township Part 3 by Anelia Slavoff

Pine Grove Mills Historic Inventory 218Pine Grove Mills by Chad Hudson

Howard Boro Historic Inventory 20Howard Borough by Regan Abernathy

Pine Grove Mills Historic Inventory-1