Homeowners Guide

Dear Homeowners

We realize you have many questions concerning your property and what you can do to protect your ownership and investment. For this reason, we have compiled this guide to help you better understand the operation of the Recorder of Deeds Office, the many ways we can serve you, and how you can utilize our office.

We have included questions that have been asked of our staff during their many years of service in the Centre County Recorder of Deeds office by property owners. This guide is being issued as a public service to property owners of Centre County in the interest of consumer information and education.

Please be advised: We may not give legal advice or opinions. We can only comment on the rules and regulations concerning our office and the recording of various documents. Each individual's legal situation may differ according to your own circumstances. Therefore, it is always practical to consult an attorney for specific advice.

About the Office

All information in this office is shared by Assessment Office, Tax Claim Office, Sheriff's Office and County Planning and Community Development Office. We are responsible for collecting Affordable Housing Program funds, for low cost housing in Centre County and County Record Improvement funds.

The Recorder of Deeds Office is a revenue generator for county government with a net use of county funds in the order of 66%. Usually our operation contributes several hundred thousand dollars annually to the county budget. Located in the Willowbank Building, we use some of the most advanced technology available to the recording industry including computer imaging and real time indexing of documents. Pennsylvania Law and County Code require the Recorder of Deeds to keep a safe and secure record of important real estate documents. Of paramount concern to the staff is the integrity of these records. Please plan to come to the Centre County Recorder of Deeds office and review our operation and get familiar with the vital services we provide.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Joseph L Davidson

Joseph L. Davidson
Centre County Recorder of Deeds
Phone: (814) 355-6801