Tax Collection & Tax Claim

Tax Collection

Office has been assigned the responsibility for the collection of COUNTY Real Estate Taxes for Home Rule Districts (State College Borough, College Township and Ferguson Township). For these districts we issue the tax bill, collect and deposit the monies to the general account to afford the County interest income in a timely manner.

This office also renders assistance and guidance to the elected tax collectors of Centre County the duties and responsibilities placed upon them by the Tax Collection Laws and amendments of Pennsylvania.

Online Tax Payments

You are now able to pay your Real Estate taxes online.  Please click here to look up your information. 


Maintain collection records and provide accurate information and tax data as well as process all payment for required districts

Update, revise and/or re to issue statements upon request.

Settle tax duplicates of elected tax collectors in accordance with the Tax Collector Law.

Tax Claim Office

Mission:  The mission of the Tax Claim Bureau is to collect and distribute delinquent Real Estate Taxes for the county, municipalities and school districts in the most effective manner.

The Tax Claim Bureau is responsible for collecting delinquent Real Estate Taxes. To be compliant with the Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax Law, notices are sent to all taxpayers whose Real Estate Taxes have been returned to this office as unpaid by the local tax collector. We accept and apply payments, set up payment plans for qualified individuals and disburse monies collected to the respective taxing districts on a monthly basis. The collection of delinquent taxes involves the 35 municipalities and 7 school districts.

Other duties of the office:

  • Certification of taxes upon request
  • Issue notices and collection of Clean and Green violations of Act 156
  • Verification for tax authority audits (annually).

Goals & Objectives

The Bureau's goal is to provide effective services to the taxpayers and taxing districts and for the collection of Real Estate Taxes and turn the monies collected to the respective taxing authorities. Tax sales for the non-payment of taxes are held in September of each calendar year but our preference is to collect the taxes instead of selling said properties. Cooperating with taxpayers by offering payment options (qualified individuals) collection is done in a timely manner and fewer properties will be exposed/sold at a tax sale.