Local Municipality Responsibilities & Forms

Local Act 13 Municipal Responsibilities

We advise that all local municipalities submit their Budget Report Form as soon as possible and in advance of the July 6 deadline. The budget should include all planned expenditures for the calendar year, funded by whatever sources of revenues the local government had anticipated for that calendar year. Essentially, this has been defined as "the final approved budget by the governing body." We recognize that because of unanticipated events or circumstances, the actual expenditure may be greater than or less than the originally budgeted amount; nevertheless, the originally approved total budget for the fiscal year is the amount to be reported.

Act 13 Timeline

  • March 1, Annually: File Municipal Budget Report Forms for both 2011 and 2012 with the Public Utility Commission. Under current procedure, the forms must be mailed as hard copy or attached to the email shown on the official report form. Access the report forms.
  • April 15, Annually: Submit Unconventional Gas Well Fund Usage Report (DOC) to the PUC and post the form on the municipality's website. If no website exists, Centre County Government will host the reports on behalf of those municipalities.
  • July 1, Annually: PUC deadline to distribute annual impact fee revenue to county and municipalities.

Municipal Reporting Forms