Nexus Pen Pal Program

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Nexus Pen Pal Program


See photos from the Meet & Greets!

Welcome to the Nexus Pen Pal Program, uniting children and adults through letter writing for more than a decade! Summer is the perfect time to join our program. Training will be offered in September, and the letters will start to arrive by the beginning of October.

To join us please complete and return this enrollment form (PDF)today!

Training sessions will be available at the Willowbank Office Building's

Emergency Operation Center in September.

If you enjoy sharing time and interests with children…

If you enjoy writing and receiving letters….

If you have one hour a month to devote to letter writing….

If you have three hours in May to attend a Meet & Greet at a Bald Eagle Elementary School…

…then our program is for you

 Bald Eagle Children Singing to the Adult Pen Pals at the May Meet & Greet