Case Management Services

Whether you are just getting started or are already working a recovery program, Centre County Drug and Alcohol provides ongoing support and resources to individuals who are living with a substance use disorder. 

Case Coordination includes: 

  • Accessing treatment services
  • Connecting with community resources such as housing, employment, and other basic needs
  • Building a network of people who support your recovery. 

Accessing Treatment Services

Case management staff provide screening and assessment services for individuals who are seeking inpatient treatment and those who are uncertain as to the type of treatment they need. Those who specifically request outpatient drug and alcohol treatment may access contracted providers directly to start services.  If you have no insurance and limited resources, you may be eligible for financial assistance. 

Your involvement with case management does not end when you start treatment.  While in residential treatment, a case manager will be in contact with you and your counselor every week – to see how things are going, determine if you have additional needs, and help prepare for your return to Centre County. 

Community Connections

In addition to treatment services, you may have related needs that are a barrier to your success in recovery.  These needs may include housing, employment, transportation, or just day-to-day basic necessities.  Centre County has dedicated case management staff who will assess these needs, help you develop a plan, and then connect you with available community resources.  

Building a Recovery Network

Ongoing supports will be critical for maintaining a life in long-term recovery.  Case management staff can assist you in connecting with other recovery support services, such as a certified recovery specialists and sober support programs.  Call today for more information.