In February 2002, Centre County Drug and Alcohol was named primary contractor for Centre County by the Bureau of Chronic Diseases and Injuries. This program provides tobacco cessation and prevention activities for county residents through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Health with dollars made available through the Master Settlement Agreement reached in 1998 with the tobacco industry.

The program is now in its second grant period, providing services through 36 deliverables and covering the 9 Best Practice Strategies as established by the Centers for Disease Control. Centre County Drug and Alcohol then subcontracts with 15 agencies to provide these services:

Community Programs

School Programs


Reducing the Burden of Chronic Diseases



Surveillance and Evaluation

Statewide Programs


Centre County Drug and Alcohol is proud to be an active member of the Centre County Tobacco Prevention Coalition. The coalition's mission is to work collaboratively with the community toward the prevention of tobacco use through education, promotion, and advocacy and also to insure that all citizens are protected from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

The coalition is always interested in new members who support the mission of the group and want to participate in ongoing activities. If you are interested in general membership or in particular programs, please contact us by email at or by phone at 1-888-227-5445, option # 3.

All together, this group of interested tobacco control professionals and community members creates the Centre County Tobacco Prevention Partnership.