Web Information Access (WEBIA)

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General Information

Saving document images and printing is fully supported and integrated from a viewer that will be automatically launched in your Web browser. Launching the viewer for a document will only count as one "click".


Billing for an account is based on advance purchase of "credits" where each credit allows one "click." One click is defined as accessing one page within the WEBIA system. Viewing a typical document or inquiry will take between 2-5 clicks, or a cost of $0.10 to $0.45. Credits will expire after one year, unless used or additional credits purchased. Users will see their credit balance on the main login screen, and should be able to judge when to purchase additional credits before running out. Purchase of additional credits may be done at any time. Credits can be purchased and shared among individuals in the same organization. Credits have no other value, and are non refundable.

Cost: $10.00 New Account Activation Fee +

  • $7.50 for 50 Credits ($0.15 per credit)
  • $24 for 200 Credits ($0.12 per credit)
  • $55 for 500 Credits ($0.11 per credit)
  • $125 for 1250 Credits ($0.10 per credit)
  • $200 for 2500 Credits ($0.08 per credit)
  • $650 for 10000 Credits ($0.065 per credit)
  • $1,500 for 30000 Credits ($0.05 per credit)


 ATTENTION: We have received reports of technical issues with new account creation. Please proceed to create an account. If you experience an issue, email your receipt and information to the WebIA Help Desk. We are able to correct these issues manually.