Online Mapping Websites

Public Parcel Viewer

Public Parcel Viewer

The Public Parcel Viewer  website will provide some basic information about parcels, FEMA flood maps, Soils, School Districts, State Parks, State Forests, and State Game Lands.

Political Boundary Viewer

Magnifying Glass Over map

The Political Boundary Viewer  website is designed to help you understand where the voting locations are, where the redistricting has occurred, and where political boundaries exist.

Gas Well Viewer

Gas Well Rendering

The Gas Well Viewer  website is embedded within the Planning Departments Natural Gas site. It will give you a general overview of where gas wells are located, whether they are Marcellus or shallow, as well as other relevant information to the site.


Centre County map

The CentreGIS   website is designed to provide easy access to Centre County Data for Government Agencies. There are several search functions in this website to help you quickly identify the feature / area you are looking for. You can search via Owner Name, Tax ID Number, Address, Street, Municipality, or School District. This website also has Flood Map information, soils information, voting information, gas well locations, and much more.

*Please note that this site is password protected and requires a yearly subscription.

WebIA Mapping

Drawing of Courthouse

The Webia Mapping  site is designed to assist in deed researching. Users can search by owner name, Tax ID Number, municipality, sale date and sale price. There is also an address search and a street name search. This website links directly into the pay-per-click Webia Information system. There is also a link that in the WebIA information system that will map properties.

*Please note that this site is password protected and requires a yearly subscription.

Election Open Data Page

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The Election Open Data Page allows you to view election results numerically and spatially.

Municipal Sharing Open Data Page

Download from the Cloud

The Municipal Sharing Open Data Page  is designed for municipalities and Government Agencies that wish to download a core set of GIS layers. The layers include schools, villages, streams, streets, railways, driveways, utility roads, buildings, inactive parcels (ipars), Parcels with owner information (parcels_owner), Water Service Areas, and municipal boundaries (Centre). Users get access to this information through a data download site as well as other interactive mapping applications.

*Please note that this site is password protected. Prior authorization required.

Bellefonte Historical Site

Borough of Bellefonte

The Bellefonte Historical Site  is a public website that integrates Google Street View with an inventory of historical structures in Bellefonte Borough. Users can see historic photos of the historic structures as well as detailed information about each one.

Centre County Revitalization (CCSiteFinder)

Centre County Community Revitilization

The Centre County Revitalization Open Data Page is a public website that assists the user in locating and exploring the underutilized buildings and vacant land within Centre County. The user can pick from a series of criteria… Township, whether the property has water, sewer, natural gas, as well as proximity to Interstate, U.S., and State Routes.