Dirt Gravel and Low Volume Roads (DGLVR) Program

Rural Low Volume Road

Typical rural Low Volume road (above), and Dirt and Gravel road (below) in Centre County.

Overseen by the State Conservation Commission, the Centre County Conservation District locally administers the Dirt, Gravel and Low-Volume Road program. For over 20 years, the DGLVR program has provided grant funding to public road-owning entities to "create a better public road system with a reduced environmental impact". The program’s intent is to establish/promote environmentally sound road management (ESM) practices that reduce the impact road run-off has on local streams. Additionally, the ESM practices can aid in reducing the long-term maintenance costs for these roads. If you are a public road-owning entity (townships, municipalities, boroughs, etc.) not yet participating in this program, please contact the District for additional information and to discuss program eligibility.

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Dirt and Gravel Road