Senior Check-In Program

Senior Check-in Program

Senior Check-In Program APPLICATION (PDF)

What Is This Service?

The Are You OK?/RUOK Reassurance Program is a service offered by the Centre County Sheriff's Office. We know Centre County has many senior citizens and we care about them. We realize that many senior citizens live alone and may not have a family member living locally. The program is designed to check on citizens 65 and older that are living alone by calling them at designated times. The system is automated and will only send assistance if the phone call is not answered.

How Does It Work?

Members will select a time of day and one, two or three days a week to receive a daily phone call. An automated system will make the call. When this phone call is answered, a recorded voice will let the senior know that this is their Are You OK?/RUOK call. If the call is not answered, the computer will call back within 10 minutes. If the second call is not answered, a third call will be made. If no calls are answered, an emergency contact and/or key-holder will be contacted and if no one is able to contact the participant, a Deputy will be sent to check on the senior and assist if help is needed.

Does It Cost Anything?

No it does not. This is a free service provided by the Centre County Sheriff's Office for the citizens of Centre County.

Can I Make Changes?

Yes you can. If you decide you need to change the number of calls received from Are You OK?/RUOK, or if you need to update any information, simply call the office and we can assist you.

What About Vacation?

As a member you can call whenever you will be away from home. Simply call and tell the office staff the dates you will not be home and your calls will be stopped temporarily. When you return home notify the office staff and your calls will begin again.

What if I Don't like It?

Once you join the program we are sure you will find it comforting and hassle free. If you should decide the program is not what you wanted or needed, please call our office and request to be taken off the program.

How Do I Join?

If you live in Centre County and would like to join the Are You OK?/RUOK Reassurance Program, you can return the completed application to our office at 213 East High Street Bellefonte, PA 16823. Applications are also available at our office.

Tell a Friend

We hope you enjoy being a member of the Are You OK?/RUOK Reassurance Program. Please feel free to tell your friends about the program. With your help we can reach more Centre County citizens in need of reassurance. The Centre County Sheriff's Office is a community-oriented organization and is proud to offer this service to the citizens of Centre County free of charge.

Senior Check-In Program APPLICATION (PDF)


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