What is the county registry of documents?
All papers presented to this office for recording must be original documents, properly executed, signed, dated, and acknowledged before a Notary Public with the Notary's legible seal, signature, and expiration date of the commission before they can be accepted for recording. The recording of any document is not an approval of the contents of that document. We do not check the accuracy of the information in each document.

This office just records what is presented to us. In no way do we certify a document's contents are correct. If the document has satisfied the recording requirements, and all fees and taxes are paid, we will accept it for recording; assigning each document an instrument number, and applying a time and date stamp of recording. In order to track, catalog, and index each recording, every document page gets a Record Book volume and page number mechanically stamped on it. Each document receives a "Recorders Certification Stamp." All records are indexed by grantor and grantee. The records before 1989 are in "Deed," "Mortgage" or "Miscellaneous" books. Since 1989, all records are recorded in "Record Books."

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