How can I tell if my substance use is problematic?
Early warning signs of problem behaviors include:
  • Changes in personality

  • Unpredictable or inconsistent behaviors

  • Deterioration in personal hygiene and appearance

  • Job or financial difficulties

  • Loss of interest in activities which seemed important

  • Isolating yourself from family and friends

  • Changes in sleep patterns (sleep disturbances, restlessness, nightmares)

  • Impairment of memory and judgment

  • Decline in school performance

  • Decreased motivation and drive

  • Outburst in temper usually brought about because of lowered tolerance to pressure and stress

  • Disciplinary problems increase

  • Legal difficulties

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Have any of your friends or family members ever expressed concern about your alcohol/ drug use?

  • Have you ever experienced problems with family, friends or co-workers because of your D&A use?

  • Do you feel more comfortable around others after drinking or getting high?

  • If you can't use alcohol or other drugs, do you ever feel shaky, nervous, anxious or irritable?

  • Do you think your substance use has hurt the people close to you in any way?

  • Have you ever experienced cravings for any substances?

  • Have you ever missed work, days at school, or time with family because you were sick due to your alcohol or drug use?

  • Have you experienced any employment difficulties related to your D&A use, or are you in debt because of your use?

  • Have you built up a tolerance for alcohol or other substances (i.e., Does it take more to feel the same effect?)?

  • Have you ever found it difficult to stop or cut down your alcohol/ drug use?

  • Do you ever drink or use more than you intended to?

  • Have you ever had a blackout?

  • Have you ever woken up with the shakes after drinking or using?

  • Do you ever drink or get high in the morning?

  • Do you use drugs or alcohol to deal with problems?

Answering "yes" to any of these questions may indicate a problem with drug or alcohol use. If you are concerned, call and ask about your options for treatment services.

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