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Community Health Choices Waver and Senior Center Information also available. Please see below.

Program Descriptions:
Home Delivered Meals Program:
Meals are available for older adults 60 and over who are unable to make a nutritious meal on a consistent basis. The older adult would also have nobody available to make a nutritious meal for them. Five meals per week are delivered by Centre County Transportation. There is no charge for the meals but donations to the Centre County Office of Aging home delivered meal program is encouraged. The drivers must see the older adult to deliver the meal. If individual is not home, the meal cannot be left at home. Doctor offices and emergency contacts will be contacted by the Centre County Office of Aging to locate the older adult if they are not home to receive their meal.

In Centre County, the Meals on Wheels Program of State College provides meals to all older adults in the State College School District. If you are in the State College School District, you can call 814-237-8135 to inquire about getting set up with a home delivered meal. All other areas of Centre County home delivered meals are served through the Centre County Office of Aging Home Delivered Meal Program.
Options Program:
The OPTIONS program provides service in order for an older adult to maintain in their home. Core services provided include personal care, adult day living services, and care management of programs.
Personal Care Services Program include assisting with activity of daily living including bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, skin care, shaving, transferring, and assistance with medications (opening medication containers and verbal reminders only). Personal Care Services is limited to five hours per week.
Adult Day Living Services provides respite to caregivers during the day where qualified older adults can go for a meal and activities while the caregiver completes other activities. Adult Day Living Services is provided by Sunny Days Adult Day Living Center.
Care Management Services include annual assessments and contact plan. Care Management Services also include the coordination of OPTIONS Program services. Care Managers like older adults to services provided by Centre County Office of Aging and services in the community.
Caregiver Support Program:
Caregiver Support Program provides support to caregivers to lessen their burden. The program focuses on information, assistance, caregiver training, respite care, and supplemental services.

Information: Resources are provided by care managers to help the caregivers.
Assistance: Referring caregivers to appropriate resources including support groups.
Caregiver Training: Referring caregivers to training opportunities involving caregiving and providing education information.
Respite Care: Providing caregivers with a temporary break in caregiving duties.
Supplemental Services: Provide services and supplies to complement the services provided by the caregiver. (reimbursement)
Reimbursement is completed monthly. Reimbursement is currently limited to a maximum of $600.00 per month for services and supplies. A maximum of $5000 for the lifetime of the caregiver can be used to reimburse for home modifications and assistive devices. Reimbursement percentage is based on household income scale. For more information contact 814-355-6716.
Legal Services:
Limited legal services for people over the age of 60 through Mid Penn Legal. For qualified individuals, Mid Penn Legal can assist with power of attorneys, landlord tenant issues, and appeals to benefits. Contact Centre County Office of Aging for more information at 814-355-6716.
Advocacy for residents of personal care homes and nursing homes. Ombudsman can act as a mediator or advocate for a resident's rights. The service is centered on the wishes of the resident.
Formally called APPRISE, PA-Medi provides benefits counselling concerning Medicare. Counselors can assist with picking a Medicare plan. Counselors can complete an annual plan comparison to make sure that the individual is in the best plan for them.
Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP):
RSVP maintains relationships with organizations in Centre County in need of volunteers. Older adults can contact RSVP. After an interview, RSVP can find the volunteer experience that best fits the older adult.
Centre County Office of Aging completes level of care assessments for all people applying for Medicaid for nursing home stay. These assessments are completed in hospitals, nursing homes, and in the community. A functional eligibility determination is completed to determine if the individual is functionally eligible for a nursing home.
Community Health Choices Waiver Program
The Waver Program provides nursing home level of care for individuals who chose to be served in the community. This program is NOT provided through Centre County Office of Aging. To enroll in this program, contact the Pennsylvania Enrollment Broker at 1-877-550-4227 or www.paieb.com.
Senior Center Information can be found here: https://centrecountypa.gov/349/Senior-Centers.
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